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by Big Boy One on April 09, 2017

Launching the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. line, the creators, Boss Fight Studio elected, to begin with a callback to the first superheroes of the known world, characters from the world of Greek Mythology.

While they used Greek Myths as a template, they added plenty of their own twists and turns, bringing in Spartans, Amazons, and a wide array of loose threads to weave into one exciting cohesive storyline.

The initial Series was the genesis of the first Kickstarter Campaign and featured four waves of carded product, several exclusives as well as the beginning of the Accessory Packs, Blanks, and Skeletons that would become the foundation of this series and many series still to come. The full rundown of the initial Kickstarter Campaign and several exclusive releases following it can be seen below. ( Ref: vitruvianfacts )

Figures and Accessory packs can be found here


Wave 1
Coral Snake Gorgon 
Cursed Spartan
Spartan Warrior

Wave 2
Athenian Warrior
Green Mamba Gorgon
Underworld Warrior

Wave 3
Black Racer Gorgon
Myrmidon Warrior

Wave 4
Amazon Warrior
Colubrida Guard Gorgon
Disciple of Eurayle
Stone Fist, Gorgon Hunter

Wave 5
Boa Constrictor Gorgon
Cursed Skeleton
River Styx Guardian

Wave 5.5
Amazon Warrior v2
Medusa v2
Spartan Warrior v2

Wave 6
Anakritis Gorgon
Berzerker Disciple Gorgon
Eos Warrior

Wave 7
Helios Warrior
Myrmex Warrior
Serpentess Order Gorgon
Warrior Skeleton


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