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Acid Rain Figures


The Second World War ended in 1945 but it continues in a collateral world - the Acid Rain Figures World.

The endless battles all over the place have destroyed the civilizations and polluted the environment. Resources have become scarce because of the unlimited pollution's and total warfare's. Humans continue the war hopelessly to seize resources for survival, they control the mechanic armor and weapons to fight and defend themselves to struggle for tomorrow in the Acid Rain World. Be sure to check out all the different Acid Raid Figures ,Vehicles, Play sets and more at Big Boy Collectibles. 

Acid Rain Abaddon Flame Trooper 3-Pack


Acid Rain Ajax Hoplitai


Acid Rain AMM Prospector


Acid Rain B2Five Abaddon Trooper Set


Acid Rain B2Five K6 Jungle Soldier Set


Acid Rain B2Five K6 Jungle Speeder MK1K Set


Acid Rain B2Five Moose Laurel


Acid Rain Beaver WF4w Set


Acid Rain Bucks Team Wildbeest WB3b


Acid Rain Eos Raider Action Figure


Acid Rain Laurel Rescue


Acid Rain Marine Infantry Action Figure


Acid Rain Reborn Trooper Action Figure


Acid Rain Sand Armored Trailer FAV-A06 Set


Acid Rain Sand Bunker FAV-A04 Set


Acid Rain Sand Tactical Engineer FAV-A05


Acid Rain Sofi Action Figure


Acid Rain Space Prisoner Action Figure


Acid Rain Space Scientist Action Figure


Acid Rain Stealth Caamelbot HR12e


Acid Rain: Phantom Team A (Mirage + Eclipse)


Acid Rain: Phantom Team B (Parhelion + Aurora)

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