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Joy Toy Figures



are a new line of military-themed collectibles from Joy Toy that are being offered in 1:18th and 1:24th scales. Each figure is highly articulated and includes weapon accessories as well as several pieces of removable armor.

Hardcore Coldplay 1/18 Scale Bounty Hunter Figure


Hardcore Coldplay Cavalry Regiment Paladin Heroes 1/18 Scale Figure


UNSC 1/24 Scale Team Land Mounted Troops Set


Joy Toy Mold Color B 1/18 Scale Figure Kit


PLA Anti-Terrorism Unit 1/18 Scale Set

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PLA Navy Marine Corps 1/18 Scale Combat Diorama


PLA Field Forces Team 1/8 Scale Set


CrossFire Blade Figure 1/18 Scale


Dark Source Russian Federation Caucasus Squad Levan 1/18 Scale Figure...


Joy Toy Mold Color C 1/18 Scale Figure Kit


Dark Source West Asian Mercenary Legion Ramaz 1/18 Scale Figure...


City Police Riot 1/18 Scale Team Set

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Joy Toy Mold Color A 1/18 Scale Figure Kit


Hardcore Coldplay Skeleton Forces Hell's Fifth Company 1/18 Scale Figure...


Hardcore Coldplay Skeleton Force Perish Company 1/18 Scale Figure Set...


Hardcore Coldplay Skeleton Force Paratrooper Company 1/18 Scale Set


Dark Source Rhinoceros 1/27 Scale Armored Scout Car (C)


Dark Source Rhinoceros 1/27 Scale Troop Scout Car (A)


Dark Source Rhinoceros 1/27 Scale Assault Scout Car (B)


Mammoth 1/27 Scale Armored Car Vehicle


Dark Source Steel Bone H06 Heavy Combat Machine Armor

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