Sgt. Savage Figures: In 1995, Hasbro launched Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles, intended as a companion line to the 3 3/4" Real American Hero series. Set within the mythos of that existing toyline, this new 4" line introduced Sgt. Savage, a time-displaced World War II hero battling the evil General Blitz and his I.R.O.N. Army. With artwork by the inimitable Joe Kubert, and a half-hour cartoon episode packaged with a Sgt. Savage figure, this line was meant to open a new door into the universe of G.I. Joe. Unfortunately, the line did not last beyond its first two waves - further planned assortments were scrapped and follow-up videos went unreleased. However, Sgt. Savage himself was transposed into Joe's next iteration: ( REF: YoJoe )


G.I. Joe: Extreme Figures In 1995, Hasbro handed the reigns of G.I. Joe to its newly-acquired subsidiary Kenner. An attempt to revitalize an aging brand in an increasingly competitive boys' market, the end result fell somewhat short of collector expectations. Instead of the multiple points of articulation that was a trademark of the G.I. Joe brand, most figures featured only five points of movement - some less. Dark Horse Comics produced a short-lived line of comic books to promote this new line. An animated series fared better in the minds of collectors, but that was not enough for the toyline to survive its second year. Many planned toys were ultimately unreleased. ( REF: YoJoe )


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G.I. Joe - Sgt. Savage & Extreme

GI Joe Extreme Iron Klaw


GI Joe Extreme Iron Klaw (v2)


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