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The original ThunderCats show was animated in Japan while being produced, written and voice acted in the United States.

The series was originally distributed by Rankin-Bass Productions then parent company Telepictures Corporation, which would later merge with Lorimar Productions in February 1986. In January 1989, Lorimar-Telepictures was purchased by and folded into Warner Bros. whose Warner Bros. television syndication arm would eventually assume distribution of the show; Warner Bros. has owned the rights to the series (and all Lorimar Telepictures programming) from that point on.


Thundercat Savage World Slithe Figure


ThunderCats ReAction Slithe


ThunderCats ReAction Panthro


ThunderCats ReAction Jackalman


ThunderCats ReAction Mumm-Ra


ThunderCats ReAction Lion-O


ThunderCats ReAction Cheetara


Thundercat Mumm-Ra Savage World Figure